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I Knew I Would Regret It

  Hey there, My name is Meg and I help Becky out on Standupgirl.com, I came across your letter in the inbox and I really wanted to touch base...

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pregnant in school

School And A Baby!

Dear Becky- I am a junior in high school, popular, cheerleader. I live with my mom and she has always supported me in everything I do. My dad on...

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My Family’s Advice

I was 17 and pregnant from a one night stand.  My father tried to convince me to have an abortion, I already knew immediately that wasn't an...

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Locked All This In

When I told Alex he told me there was no way that he could be a father. He told me I was on my own. He basically told me to have an abortion. I...

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Brave Little Bear

  I fell pregnant at 16 years old, in year 10 at a private Catholic School. Almost everyone I talked to discouraged me about carrying my...

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A Stand Up Guy

Hi, my name is John from Gauteng, South Africa. I got your email address on the standupgirl.com and I thought maybe you could be the right person...

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You Can Get Through It

Dear Becky. I am writing to you as I hope that my story can be shared with all at SUG and hopefully will help other girls who are torn between...

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StandUpGirl girl laying down pregnancy test

I Felt Like I Had No Choice

  Dear Becky, I am 17 and I got an abortion about 4 months ago, in the beginning of August. I haven't had any one to talk to about it, and I've...

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