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Imagine The Pain

  I read your story, and... I think I'm in the wrong place. You see I'm suffering from the pain of my own choice. I had a abortion from a one...

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I Found

 Dear Becky, Hello, my name is Carrie. Here is my story. When I was 22 I found out I was pregnant. The father abandoned me. Alone and scared I...

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Spare Yourself The Anguish

Becky, I guess I found your site a little too late. I had an abortion last Friday. My baby is gone now, and I am trying to find a way to keep on...

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I Made Two Appointments

  Hey Becky, I just writing to say thanks for some advice you gave me two months ago. I was pretty depressed after finding out I was pregnant. I...

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I Became Someone Else

Hi my name is Patti, The first thing that I want to say is don't let anyone tell you that an abortion won't affect you - it will change your life...

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Stats And Me

I am currently doing a research paper on teen pregnancy. To read the statistics and see how many odds are against me is some what depressing. I...

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What About Yourself?

Hi thank you for replying to me quickly and all the help you have given me.  I've sat down with my fiance and we talked about the baby, we've...

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Boarding School

 Dear Becky -- I must have thought that I was invincible, that this could never happen to me. But, nonetheless, here I am, sixteen, and nearly...

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