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My First Baby

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant (unplanned pregnancy) with my first baby with my boyfriend, and I have had issues with giving up substances during this pregnancy due to a multitude of factors. I need help with resources, counseling, anything. We live in an isolated...

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Sweet Nightmare

Pregnancy is such an experience. Some people says its beautiful and some don’t; however, the end result is priceless. I cannot say that I enjoyed pregnancy. It was horrible not physically but mentally. I hated life, I was mean and aggressive. I was never sick during...

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Hey Dad, I’m Late!

Hi Becky, I was 19 years old when I got pregnant. My mom and sister already got their menstrual period so I was thinking maybe I'm just delayed or something. But then again thoughts came to my mind. We just moved in Canada. Before we left the Philippines I had sex...

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I Was Raped At 13, I Became Pregnant!

I was Raped at 13, I became pregnant, the baby miscarried, but I would have loved him anyway.My story, for His Glory . . . .  Please be aware there are parts that I have never before told. God is giving me a voice and strength to tell more as He helps me process...

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

A 24-year old mother, Ashley Bridges, made the ultimate sacrifice for her unborn baby when she denied life-saving chemotherapy treatment for bone cancer. Bone cancer accounts for less than 1% of all cancers, and cancer in young adults is extremely rare. In the United...

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Trying To Be Logical

Hi Becky. I've searched for advice from many sources and no one has answered back. I desperately need some help and I think that you're the right person to talk to about it. I am 4 months pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been together a very long time. But, I'm...

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Without Him We Are Nothing!

Hello. I just wanted to shared a little bit of my story. I got pregnant when I was 15 years old, and I gave birth to my son when I was 16 years old. Right now I am 24 and I have a 7 year old boy. I'm going to have to say that I guess I always looked for something out...

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Alone At 38 And Pregnant!

First, I would just like to thank you for reading my story.  Although it may be like many of the stories, you have heard, it is my life and without StandUpGirl.com, my story would have had a very different ending. It was very different for me to find myself alone...

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You Can Still Achieve Your Goals!

Hi everyone. I am 18 years of age and I would like to share my story with you. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years and throughout our relationship we have talked about having a family together as most couples do. My story begins here. I have PCOS...

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Life Is Not Always Perfect

Dear Becky, All of these girls need to know life is not always perfect and things happen for a reason. We may not know why at first,  but someday we will know. All teen moms are not bad, even though the media makes it look that way. I got pregnant at 14 and had a...

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My Daughter Is My Pride And Joy!

My daughter is my pride and joy. I think its import to tell you that I am PROUD of my daughter—and I had her when I was 17. I found out I was pregnant two weeks into my senior year of high school. This was not the senior year I had envisioned for myself. I was so...

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