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I Am Awesome

A wonderful encouraging powerful inspiration motivation message to all woman. We’re precious and worthy of love and kindness!

I Lived on Parker Avenue

Video Credits: Joie De Vivre Media and executive producer, Benjamin Clapper, present “I Lived on Parker Ave.” as its first short documentary.

Funny Face Babies

 Funny babies experiencing life's sounds, tastes, images and more....SO cute you've got to watch this!

Trapped: What Do I Do?

Journey of a teen through the emotions of finding out being pregnant. You will want to watch this till the end! Created by ITEC - www.itecusa.org

A Pregnant Love Story

Created by Jolyon from Toy Box Productions and Photographer Angela Scott for Egg Maternity

Unplanned Miracles

A story of two lives intertwined including hope, restoration and joy. Amber and Dee Dee find hope and healing from each other. www.gppregnancy.com/

Pregnant? Scared?

StandUpGirls lift you up and give you strength to stand up to follow your dreams no matter what. You are not alone?

I’m Free…

Men and women sharing freedom and joy after completing the Pregnancy Care Center's abortion recovery program. http://www.gppregnancy.com/

There Is Help For YOU

The pressure of an unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling alone. You are not alone and there is help for you. I found help at StandUpGirl.com.

Babies Go To Congress 2016

StandUpGirl Teka goes to Washington DC to tell her story to congress. Moving event with many young women telling their stories and supporting others.

Becky’s Real Life Pregnancy Story

Think you are the only one dealing with something this huge? I felt that way, too. Finding out I had an unplanned pregnancy turned my whole life upside down. I felt like I had nowhere to turn…no one who could understand.

My Testimony: Becoming Pro-Life

This video takes you through my abortion story. Most people we all know have been touched by abortion in some way. I hope my story has a positive impact, inspiring hope in healing, and helping others.

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