I want to be a MOM
I want to be a Mom

Dear Jewel,

I am 15 and 17 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I had an abortion over a year ago, and it was the most horrible thing i ever did. When i found out i was pregnant this time. I knew from the beginning i couldn’t abort it, but with pressure from my mom and from my boyfriend, i ended up going to the abortion clinic and because i was so far along it had to be a 2 day procedure, so i went and they inserted seaweed into my cervix to open them, and i had to go back the next day.

at about 12am after screaming and crying and slamming doors, i went to the emergency room to have the taken out. When i got there i was so happy knowing i was making the right decision and that i had to get the seaweed out ASAP to not have any problems, when the doctor finally got into the room he didn’t even touch me. He told me that he couldn’t do it that i needed to go back to the clinic where they put them in at, since it was 2 hours away and my mom already taking me one time i knew she was not going to be ok with taking me there again and then coming back without terminating the pregnancy.

Going home crying feeling like everybody was against me and my baby i decided i had no other choice but to go through with the abortion. I stayed up all night crying and at 8 in the morning my mom had a change of heart knowing how much it was hurting me to do it and she took me to my ob gyn. He took the seaweed out but told me that there was no promises that i would be able to carry my baby full term because of my cervix being open my body could expel the baby.

Well i went in on friday and everything was fine. I just want to be a mom!  To tell all girls that if you have any doubts what so all about having an abortion DONT DO IT! i know that my life is going to be a lot different with a baby, but i got myself into this and its my responsibility. I know of the sacrifices im going to have to make not being able to do what other girls are doing and not going to dances or partying. And i know nothing is going to come easy to me. but im willing to deal with that, and you should be to!



Dear Heidi,

What an inspiring story!!! Thanks so much for sharing that with all of us here at StandUpGirl. It is never too late, is it, to turn back and do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do! You are such a brave girl, Heidi. Good for you, for standing your ground and not giving up. Your baby is going to thank you for this some day. You are giving him or her a chance to live!

You are right, it won’t always be easy (it hasn’t been for me, either)…but it is SO worth it!! It really is. I look at my beautiful daughter and am so thankful that we are able to experience life together. I can’t imagine not having her in my life. The world is definitely a better place with her in it!

I had to grow up fast…but that isn’t such a bad thing. I partied less…but that isn’t such a bad thing either, is it?! I really don’t feel like I missed out on anything important.

I am so proud of you…that you had the courage to do what you did. You are strong! Keep on being strong and know that all of us here are behind you…rooting for you…and willing to talk or help out in any way we can.

Keep in touch!

love Jewel

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