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Sometimes life throws difficult decisions at us. 

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Pregnancy Resources and Real Stories

My First Born

I was 16 years old when I felt pregnant with my first born. She was born this year 2018 but my pregnancy was very stress full like if I'm going to be a good mom or if I will be able to look after her.  When I went into labor it was painful.  A pain no one can bare but the pregnancy pains was...

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The Past My Story

This all started a little over three years ago. I was sixteen, a virgin and - quite frankly - sick of it. I was always the party girl who was labeled as a "cock tease" and I constantly "led lads on". Well, one day I decided that I wanted to have sex...and I did. In my mum's bed, I have to add....

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The Past My Story
Pregnant need help text 833-475-5683
Pregnant need help text 833-475-5683
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