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A Model On Abortion

  Former supermodel Kathy Ireland, who became famous in the 1980s and 90s for her appearances on the cover of Sports Illustrated, is not...

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Is He Trustworthy?

Not too long ago I watched a reality TV show about dating.  A woman on the show said that she had been suspicious of her ex while they were...

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Finding The Right Guy Is Hard

Experience is one way to learn from mistakes, but a much less painful way is to listen to the advice of someone you trust.  My dad often tried to...

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Again. Really?

I did things in a rather conventional order.I graduated from university, got married and hoped for children.None came.So my husband and I adopted...

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Mistakes, Errors, Blunders

 Every girl, every woman, makes mistakes. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, we put the spotlight on our mistake allowing ourselves to feel shame or...

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