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Sexual Equality? Is it necessary?
By A.Ponto

I read this article on CNN and it caused me to stop and think.  What if abortion doesn’t really provide equality to women as it was originally thought to do? 

The Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade 42 years ago.  One of the things that this ruling was supposed to accomplish was taking the undo burden of sex off women.  In other words, if men can just walk away after sex, women should be able to too and not have the “burden” of motherhood placed on them.

But is this something that women should really want?  Let me explain.  I am currently a graduate student.  The program that I am in is overwhelmingly male.  This has made me increasingly aware that as women, we are living in a man’s world.  As females we should not try to become as masculine as possible so that we can assimilate, instead we should embrace those things that make us female.  And if we choose abortion so that we remain childless, we are tossing away the very thing we should be embracing. 

In other words, even though society is structured around men, why do women also have to structure themselves around men?  Women have the unique ability to conceive, carry, and give birth to children.  When you think about it, it’s really fantastic!  Unfortunately, many of us look to abortion to make us equal to men.  But the reality is that men and women, though already equal, are different and neither one should try to become like the other, but each one should embrace what makes them unique. 

If you are pregnant right now, you might be feeling pressure from society to have an abortion.  People around you might be saying that you won’t be able to finish school, you won’t be able to afford a child, or that you’re too young to be a parent.  But the reality is that none of these things have to be true.  You don’t have to conform to what society is telling you to do.  Embrace who you are as a female! 

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