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Drawing the Line

  Some people have been wondering what I mean by "unspoken set of rules." In my last column, I mentioned that having a set of rules for yourself...

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  My name is Nicolette and I come from Zimbabwe, commonly referred to as Africa’s paradise. If you look at a map of the world, look for Africa...

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You Can Love Him Now

 I recently had a bout with Lyme disease.  I was visiting my best friend in California and we decided to go hiking in the woods.  Later that...

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Valentine’s Day And Sex

    Let’s just be honest, there is a lot of pressure to have sex on Valentine’s Day.  It is a holiday of love, but love can mean so many...

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I Was Blind But Now I See

My name is Cindy, and unfortunately, my story is not unique. I’m a post-abortion survivor. I use this term to help others to understand that not...

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Finding Prince Charming

You kinda have to feel sorry for the guys sometimes, because they have so much to live up to with the whole "Prince Charming" thing, you need to...

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Looks Like…

During the question period, one student put up his hand and ventured that the human fetus couldn’t be a person, because at an early stage...

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