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Featured Sister’s Letters

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My Other Mother

  As a small child, Even before I could talk, My parents, meek and mild, Told me of her, “You came from another, Someone we have never met, your...

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A Froggie Or A Prince

  Women were not designed to be alone, we were designed to love and be loved. It gives us drive and purpose in life. When I was a child, I read...

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Invisible Mother

I'm not one to get excited by forwarded e-mail.  But this one came from a dear friend, so I read it.  And right off the bat, I was hooked.  I...

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Are You Sexting?

Sexting Why do women sext more than men?  And why are women more willing to expose their bodies than men are?  It seems really unfair to be the...

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Easter Greets

  Hey Friends and StandUpSisters, Our Easter love to you all! I finally have a few minutes to write and let you all know how we're doing. Please...

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New Year’s Resolutions

What Do New Year’s Resolutions and Marriage Have in Common?During this time of year most people begin making resolutions to improve something in...

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I Was Blind But Now I See

My name is Cindy, and unfortunately, my story is not unique. I’m a post-abortion survivor. I use this term to help others to understand that not...

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