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Keeping Sex Complicated

Sex is ValuableThis is how I see it. Sex is valuable. I’m a virgin, not because I’m scared of sex or insecure in my sexuality. I’m a virgin, not...

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Thank You Mommy

An update from William; "If a dog walks by, I go crazy. I love dogs! I bark like a dog to let my mommy know what's going on. She...

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Should Zoey go?

Jamie-Lynn Spears is 16 years old. She is characterized as the "together" one in the family. In the words of her mother, she has...

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“Believe in Yourself”

  When is sex a loving act? Only when it is given freely, totally, and faithfully. “Totally” means that it cannot be selfish, turning you (or...

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No One Can Legally Make You!

Recently a woman in Florida gave birth in her bathroom and hid her baby under the sink.  This was her second pregnancy; during her first, she was...

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