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Looks Like…

During the question period, one student put up his hand and ventured that the human fetus couldn’t be a person, because at an early stage...

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Finding The Right Guy Is Hard

Experience is one way to learn from mistakes, but a much less painful way is to listen to the advice of someone you trust.  My dad often tried to...

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Advice From A Teen Mom

The dream I had at sixteen was marvelous and filled with what I thought success looked like. To me, success meant having the college dorm...

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Finding Prince Charming

You kinda have to feel sorry for the guys sometimes, because they have so much to live up to with the whole "Prince Charming" thing, you need to...

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Mistakes, Errors, Blunders

 Every girl, every woman, makes mistakes. It’s inevitable. Unfortunately, we put the spotlight on our mistake allowing ourselves to feel shame or...

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Again. Really?

I did things in a rather conventional order.I graduated from university, got married and hoped for children.None came.So my husband and I adopted...

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Radical change came in the '60's and '70's. These decades saw many, many, good changes—the Civil Rights movement, for one,...

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You Can Never Go Back!

My story is long. I could tell you all the facts, the “supposed” reasons why it was logical to go through with the abortion. My age and...

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