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Drawing the Line

  Some people have been wondering what I mean by "unspoken set of rules." In my last column, I mentioned that having a set of rules for yourself...

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Throwin’ Em Away

Just one look at what my three-person household produces, from one recycling day to the next, astonishes me. Even though I try to keep the...

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Advice From A Teen Mom

The dream I had at sixteen was marvelous and filled with what I thought success looked like. To me, success meant having the college dorm...

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Keeping Sex Complicated

Sex is ValuableThis is how I see it. Sex is valuable. I’m a virgin, not because I’m scared of sex or insecure in my sexuality. I’m a virgin, not...

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The Pregnancy Glow

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was determined to look fantastic all the time. No one was going to say, Poor thing. She shouldn't have gotten...

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Don’t Judge Me

  "I'm way too young to have a baby," said my little sister, and she is quite right. Fifteen is too young. So is nineteen. So is twenty-four, and...

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A Dog, Watson

This is a story about a dog, who's name is Watson.  He's a fairly normal dog (OK, he's unreasonably cute), but he plays a very important role in...

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