hi, i am new to this site but wanted to share my thoughts and hear from everyone else. Although i am not a mum yet or am i pregnant, like many girls i have a pregnancy story. In december 08 (christmas eve to be exact) i had an abortion. I was always against abortion until it was ME…i was shocked confused and 16 at the time and wasnt ready to become a mother.I wanted my baby to have everything and i felt as if i couldnt possibly do this! my boyfriend now of 3 years agreed that this was the best decision and has been my support and strength through this time, there isnt  a day that passes when i dont think about what could have been, i wouldnt say i regret our decision however what could have been upsets me and makes me think. It is now 2 years on and me and my boyfriend are still strong, i am 19 in a couple of weeks and am about to start trying for a baby, there is nothing more that i want and i feel much more ready. I consider my age and feel that this feeling will not go away the older i get i want a baby more than anything. having been pregnant and no baby to show for it hurts more than anything and after the crying and upset and guilt i have felt i a now strong again. Im currently studying my second year at college and will finish june 2011, and can then focus on being the best mum to be i can.I have no doubts its one of the hardest challenges in the world but its all i want i have a fantastic family and the same goes for my boyfriend, he is with me 100 percent and is fully commited to whats to come. xmas is coming up and i hope that it will be a happy one-no more hurt or remember ing the past,the beginning of my beautiful bump or next year having my angel with me x