Window to the Womb Interactive Experience
Live Action has launched Window to the Womb a groundbreaking web experience, allowing users to see firsthand how a preborn child develops in the womb.
window to the womb

Live Action has launched a groundbreaking web experience, allowing users to see firsthand how a preborn child develops in the womb, with interactive features through each day of development.

The Window to the Womb web app gives users the ability to truly see into the womb with medically accurate, lifelike time-lapse images. Though there are many apps and websites tracking fetal development, none have ever been presented in this way, or in such detail. Other tools available online only show a handful of images or animations to represent nine months of development in the womb, or even comparisons to items like fruit or household products.

“Window to the Womb” showcases each and every day of development with scientifically accurate, stunning imagery.

As users navigate the web app, they can choose to view a time-lapse of an entire pregnancy, or they can pause and interact with the images and videos, with facts about development available to learn more. Previously, Live Action launched the Baby Olivia initiative, which gave an up-close and powerful look at fetal development — but “Window to the Womb” builds upon this, goes into even greater detail with its day-by-day breakdown and interactive format.

It is a well-known fact that women who are able to view their ultrasounds — and therefore, see firsthand the humanity of their children — are significantly less likely to proceed with an abortion; this is likely why the abortion industry fights so hard to prevent women from seeing their preborn children. Additionally, the abortion industry has been known to lie to women about fetal development. This resource, using creative and innovative technology, will directly combat the lies of the abortion industry and reach pregnant mothers with the truth about the humanity of the children in their wombs.

Try the Interactive Window to the Womb experience HERE

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