im not sure how to start off i geuss ill start off like this…..
Dec 31 ,2010 was a day that changed my life forever i was 13 and i got pregnant when my family found out they fliped out they all wanted me to get an abortion including the father of my child his mom and dad wanted me to keep the baby and i made the choice to keep the baby i found out i was having a little girl at 19 weeks i was so excited and ready to be a mommy i choose teh name Heather Ann Jordan she was gonna be named after my sister who had died and her middle name was the fathers granmothers middle name i thought it was perfect, day by day went by and i got more excited everyday and everyday my family disowned me a little more when i was 8 months i had to be rushed to the hospital somthing went wrong and heather died :'( i had to give birth to a dead baby girl when i gave birth to her they asked me if i wanted to hold her,if i wanted pics of her and, what i wanted to do with her body of course i wanted to hold her so i said yes, i held her and cried and cried i just prayed to god just let this be a bad dream let her be ok but i never woke up from this bad dream in the end my family and her father all got what they wanted except me i didnt get my babygirl i felt so lost i cried for months i still cry till this day about what happened to my baby girl i have an angel up there and everyday i just want to end my life and be with her but i dont i pray everyday and talk to her now im with a steady guy and were engaged hes amazing and where in love he went through the same thing he was having a babygirl her name was gonna be evilin and something went wrong with her and she died evilins mom was 8 months pregnant turns out we where the excat weeks along when we lost our baby girls now i just found out im 5week along and me and my fiance are so happy where not telling anyone until i start to show so they cant do anything about it.We both still miss our daughters and still both cry but we know there all taken care of up in heaven <3 R.I.P Heather Ann Jordan,and Evilin Marisa Eastman. Our angels!