Well one of the most hardest things to do when you first find out when your pregnant at a young age is telling your parents. The feeling is so scary, but it is best to tell them while its early so they know. When i found out i was pregnant i told my mom immediatly. I thought she was going to cut me off or like be extremly mad, but i was wrong. she was surprisingly calm & in a weird way happy about it. I guess this is because she has expirence when my older brother got his girl friend pregnant when he was 16 & she was 15. Man do i remember that. But the thing is, tell your parents you love them before you say anything. Make sure their in a calm mood, your taking to them in a quiet place with no interruptions then spit it out…… thats what i did. & my mom is happy that i didnt lie to her….
 i hope this helped some of you girls.. be brave.