Well i went in for another check-up & the doctor sat me down & told me that my pap results showed some abnormal cells. i freaked out of course (on the inside, lol) & then she told me that they tested for all the normal STD's like gonnorhea, syphillis, etc. & they all came back negative. THEN she told me they tested for HPV, human papiloma virus, which can cause cervival cancer ( im sure youve seen the "one less" commercials), and i have it. She also told me, though, to not stress out about it & although its an STD, since im so young, my body MAY be able to fight it off..all they are going to do is give me another pap 6 weeks after the babies born, because all they can do is monitor it since there is no known cure. I was just wondering, does anybody else have this or know anybody with it?? My OB said atleast 50% of all sexually active people contract HPV atleast once in their lifetime, so its not uncommon.