Last year in 8th grade I thought I’d be the one to go through my whole high school years without making this mistake. Now I know that things don’t always go the way as planned! I have lived in this small town since I was a baby. Moving away for a year or two a couple of times,

but something always made me want to come back. At the begging of this year I started high school at LHS, then I got sick and missed too many days so I was kicked out. I was forced to go back to BHS. That same day I returned I met up with one of my ex’s JJ, he wanted me back, but I said I wasn’t looking for someone who just wanted sex. I went walking with him to the park after school, that was mistake #1. I gave into him after awhile when he took me to that stupid abandon house that was my 2nd mistake, but the one that I will forever regret was not having sex and getting pregnant, but believing him when he said he loved me, cause the whole time when I took him back he cheated on me! I guess the point of me righting this today is not to tell my story, but to ask a question, what happened to all of us from middle school? Why did we give in to men, we don’t need them, but I guess some of us think we do? From 8th grade to high school what happened? Me and JJ don’t even talk anymore since I told him I was pregnant, and he doesnt want anything to do with his baby, but I hope he comes around. I don’t  want be the one to tell my child why his dady doesn’t love him, or want anything to do with him!