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Sometimes life throws difficult decisions at us. 

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If My Contraceptive Fails

Dear Becky, Back in the 80s when I was in college (where else?), I had my first sexual encounter. I grew up Catholic but I became cold to it because it was too strict on "fun." Well, my new mindset led me to my abortion. Before I became sexually involved, I said to myself, if my contraceptive...

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pro-life is pro-choice

Super Bowl Ad and Paralympic Swimmer Jessica Long

Author: KATIE YODER   FEB 11, 2021  | Visit LifeNews.com After Toyota’s Super Bowl ad captured the touching life story of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, the media raced to report on the athlete. But many of them bypassed crucial details about the 28 year old – including her Christian faith...

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The Clinic Gave Me 2 Pills

Dear Lisa -- Two years ago I made the worst mistake of my life; I got a non-surgical abortion. I was only 19 at the time and I thought that my boyfriend (at the time) and I wouldn’t be good parents. Plus I had a very crazy, full life and a baby just wouldn’t fit in. Mainly though, I was just...

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2 pills and go home
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Pregnant need help text 833-475-5683
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