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Sometimes life throws difficult decisions at us. 

We are here to help!

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I Was a Party Girl

I had a abortion when i was 17 in 2016 . i dropped out of high school my senior year . i was a "party girl" i guess you would day . i started dating this guy who sold pot and he became controlling and mentally and verbally abusive. i wasn't allowed to talk to my friends , guys, guy coworkers....

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God Give Me Another Chance to Have a Baby

I am 17 and four months pregnant and i have not yet been to the doctors. For the last four months i have been contemplating on having an abortion. I wanted an abortion because i was afraid of what other people might think. It is my senior year and i didn't want to go to prom and graduation...

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What Is Done Is Done

We had planned everything. We had decided to have this baby. Our baby… I am 18, I just graduated and have already applied and got into the best university of interior architecture. However, we have been talking about this for a few months now. I don’t see myself going to university, I see...

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Don’t see a location close to you?
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