Yeast Infection but not sure if I missed a period?

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      Well i’m new here. Very new, just signed up. But, if I don’t post this right I’m sorry.
      My Af’s have been regular since June 08. In December 08 my AF came on the 25th. Then in January 09, I had spotting the last few days of the month and started my AF Feb 1 09. Normal flow and all of that.

      Well I think I remember seeing ewcm around Valentines Day. Anywhere between the 12th-15th. I had unprotected sex with my husband but it was “withdrawn” each time. I recently started having a lot of CM. It was white and chunky with no smell or itch. Then it turned yellow and still has the chunks. Which I’m starting to believe it a yeast infection because I know for a fact I do not have an STD and my Husband does not have an STD.

      So I think I missed my period but I’m not sure. Does it sound like pregnancy? I don’t have any other symptoms. About a week ago though, when I sneezed it would cause my uterus to contract and cause slight cramping. And I’ve read that happens to a lot of women in early pregnancy.:side:


        What I would do if I were you is to use an over the counter yeast infection treatment, monistat is name brand but the generic stuff will be just as effective, it will be in the pharmacy section in the grocery store by the condoms and pregnancy tests, if you and your husband are in a monogamous relationship and you have no doubt that you have an STD then it is most likely a yeast infection….If you do happen to be pregnant then the OTC treatment should be perfectly safe to use…it may not be a bad idea to do a home test if you are in fact late, take a test first thing in the morning with your first mornings urine to get the most accurate result, if you have insurance it would be a good idea to go to the doctor, that way they can do a blood test and if it is negative they can give you a yeast infection treatment called oral diflocan, it is just one pill to take and it gets rid of it without anything else but I don’t think they would want to give you that if you are pregnant, are you and your husband wanting to be pregnant? Let me know what happens and I wish you the best, Love Meg


          I actually have some Monistat 7 and was weary to use it because some people have said never use that… some say do. I’ve used it before and it went away in two days. I will definetly look into that. And, were not actively TTC. We were since December but put it off until July 2009. We said that if we get pregnant before then we will accept it just as it is. I’ll be testing this weekend or maybe some time into the begining of the week. Will using monistat interfer with a pregnancy test?


            hey a home remedy for teast infection is plain yoghurt, but its most effective if u have a burning sensation lol its crazy but foolproof hope it helps


              Hi girls…
              i’m new here … I recently dealt with a severe yeast infection for 6 months. I was ITCHY, SWOLLEN and DEPRESSED! My symptoms were so extreme one morning around 3:00 that I went to the ER. Please don’t say a Yeast Infection has no place in the ER. I was tired, itchy all with vaginal pain! After being treated with at least 5 tubes of YI cream, Diflucan and prayer, I gave in and tried home remedies. After my 4th tube of a 7 day cream, I finally found Tea Tree Oil (a Necessary staple). As sore and as itchy as I was, I did not dilute the oil, I just used it regular strength. Guess what? The itch went away for a couple hours and came back. I decided to see a new doctor recommended by a friend of mine and gave me treatment with Cervugid Ovules. This treatment is done in 3 courses (3boxes). One ovule per night for 12nights (1 course). After the first box I had a break for 7days and I started with the second box (second course), after the second box I had again a break for 7day and I started with the third box (third course). After i finished all 3 courses ( each) I went back to the gyno and tested me for yeast infection again and it came Negative so I have been cured from this disease.
              I’ve been free of yeast infections for 8 months now. I know that does not seem like much been after fighting them continuously for 6 months it seems like heaven.


                So glad you were able to get this taken care of! I hope the doctor also let you know ways to avoid getting these infections again in the future.


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