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      [size=3]Hello Everyone!
      I am 18 years old and I am finishing up my freshman year of college. Life for me was going okay until I found out I am 6 weeks pregnant as of today. I always though if I was to get pregnant I would get an abortion, but now that I am in this situation I can’t get myself to do it. At first me and the the father were on different pages. He wanted to keep it in a way and I wanted to abort it. But as time passed I realized as much as I want to live my life, I don’t feel like I can ruin my baby’s life. Now the father, who is 6 years older than me, wants me to abort it. Why would he do that when I now want to keep it? He said he will not appreciate me keeping it and "ruining " his life. He says If i were to go though with it he would take the kid away from me in court. It is so stressing being in this situation. I have not told a soul except him that I am pregnant. I want to make him happy, but I don’t want to disappoint myself and my thoughts. I need answerers quickly because when I go hone in two weeks I will see him and I will have to make the choice. He wants me to abort the baby when I return home in two weeks for vacation. Thank you for your help everyone. [/size]


        My daughters father wanted me to abort her and I almost did. Praise God I didnt. She is such an awesome girl (almost 5 now) He was very verbally and emotionally abusive to me. I had a restraining order on him through my pregnancy and we got back together when she was 3 wekks old. He was very controlling and he got worse and worse. he was drinking all the time he wouldnt let me work but he didnt pay the bills I think he was using meth towards the end and I was afraid that he was going to start physically abussing me. When I finally asked him to leave (it was my house) he threatened that he was going to get custody and that his grandma had alot of money and they would win. He has only seen her a handful of times since then. He was all talk and he didnt want to be a dad he was just a controll freak. Dont let this guy tell you what to do with your baby. You keep this baby…he/she will change your life in so many positive ways and dont be afraid of him "winning custody" he probably wont try. If he does, start keeping a journal of what he says in regards to abortion and threats he makes toward you or the baby and any and all "dirt" you can. drugs alcohol lots of girlfriends etc. etc., so that you have the ball in your court!!! Dont make anything up but dont leave anything out. They will only take a baby from the mom when she is declared an unfit mother. Take care and let us all know how it works out……Meg


          personally i would keep it. if thats what YOU want to do, do it. dont do something to make him happy. and i myself had an abortion and regretted it alot.


            well you listen to what your heart tells you… no man/boy is worth your babys life if you want that baby. because if you want to have this child, you remember, yes it maybe partshally his, but its within your body, striving off of you, and relying on your desisions as its mother. even if its not the right time, dosnt make that child any less amazing and life changing.. and trust me it dosnt mean that it will change your life for the worst.. it is your choice.. not his.. his suport or not, you need to suport your own decistions.. not follow through with someone elses. good luck which ever path you choose, both will be challening.. in diffrent ways ..


              DON’T do anything u don’t want to do…if u want to keep the baby tha keep it…no one can force you into an abortion……


                heya if you have an abortion it will be you that will regret it for the rest of your life not your bf. i just want you to tak a look at this — your baby will be even bigger than that, your baby has a heart beat now and is growing fast. please get back to us.


                  I kept my baby and now I have a wondeful baby boy! he was born nov 2, 2007 and was 8 pounds, 5 ounces!


                    Congrats on ur baby boy!!!


                      Congratulations on your baby boy! It says a good deal about you that you were able to stand up for your baby’s life even with the difficult situation with his father.

                      Don’t mean to pry but how are you doing especially with regard to your son’s father?

                      I pray the Lord continues to bless you and your family.



                        oh wow..i love hearing about happy stories. Did your boyfriend stick around?

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