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      hey i was wondering if anyone on here has suffered from pd? my mom had it with both me and my little bro, it was really bad with him. now that im pregnant im scared that it might happen to me too. im not sure if its hereditary or not tho. i already have a feeling i might have depression now, and im just so scared that i wont be happy when my baby is here and i wont be able to take care of him…


        i think that it is common in alot of women after
        pregnancy.i would not worry about it right now- try focusing on
        keeping yourself happy, i know from what i been told that
        what ever you feel your baby feels inside you-
        i know for one i been feeling really depressed and sad
        lately- morning sickness wont disappear which
        is making it hard to keep going(and im already 15 weeks and
        5 days)
        try keep yourself happy and relaxed- if you think you
        going into ppd, im sure you will have a lot of ppl to help you-
        good luck though hunnny!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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