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    sophia roses mummy

      well my story is that
      . i had an abortion 10months ago i was 15 years old and it was a litle girl and my family forced it on to me

      . i am still with my amazing bf (ollie) have been with him for over 2 years and were moving in together in a few weeks.

      . im now 12 weeks pregnant 13 weeks tomoz and im 16 years old and me and ollie this time stood up to my perants becoz they were advising and trying to make me have anouther abortion- theres no way on earth i am macking the same massive mistk in my life- ever again! so we said no and then there was like 2 months of arguments and hell but now it seems everythings calming down wich is good!

      . im from York, UK 🙂



        I had the same experence as you did!

        I was 16 when I first fell pregnant but my mom also forced abortion on me. I was 4 weeks so I didn’t know what it was. The nurse at the clinic told me it was a termination because the brain of the baby didn’t devolped yet so the baby wasn’t alife. But to me it was abortion because it was a life growing inside me.

        I’m now 18 and I’m pregnant again. But this time my mom couldn’t force me to do anything because I had moved out and I was over 18!! I’m 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl and my mom got used to the idea and can’t wait :cheer: .


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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