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      Hi my name is carla im 15 and im 20 weeks pregnant! I need help with my mood swings, i get so mad sometime and its just like i let all my feeling out on my boyfriend! I feel like we arent as close as we were because of them. So its like were going down hill fast because of me!! I try to control myself, and do thing that keep my mind off of the little things that get to me now, but its just not working! If anyone can tell me something to do so i can make it better for the ones i love it would be really nice, thank you.


        hey, im 17 and may be pregnant..ive bin really moody aswell and tak eeverything out on my bf.the thing is,is that he acts really immature and the most littlest things upset me..try not letting things get to you.the last thing u want to happen is split up.just talk to him and tell him u r easily irritated and cant handle arguing all the time.explain you love him n u dnt mean to go off at him cos really its your body not you.i hope tings work out for you and congradulations wif d baby…


          Hi Carla…in my past I had to deal with alot of mood swings also….the little one inside of you could be a huge source of the problem right now…..after you have the baby you should talk to your doctor about post partum depression…..I wouldn’t recommend taking anything for it but just educate your self about it so that you will understand better why you feel the way you do…as for right now….you are 15 and pregnant…that can bring alot of stress and worry into your life…if things are not so well with the dad then that just builds it up even more….problems with your parents as a result of pregnancy just tips the whole stress pile over on top of you….I wish there was an easy answer or something to do that would just make the mood swings go away but this is life…it’s not easy but that is what this community is here for….we are here to encourage each other that even if the problem doesn’t stop or even if the sun doesn’t come out tomorrow that you are not alone….I lost my mom to suicide when I was 3 1/2 months pregnant with my first….I still remember the moment that I was sitting on the edge of her bathtub holding her body out of the water…I felt so much of my built up stress …resentment …pride …past anger and hurt…etc.etc..just leave my body….I was so hurt and broken and empty in that moment….that is the day that my everyday mood swings that dissrupted the lives around me just went away….the little things just don’t affect me the same way anymore….how I wish I would have experienced that sooner…I look back at my relationship with my mom and how my moods affected it and I wish that I would have let those little things go and enjoyed her while she was with me….I just hope and pray that you will find a way to channel your emotions in a healthy way…it is ok to cry, if you need to just go sit alone in your room and take a few minutes to breathe, if you can’t come to an agreement in an argument then take a time out before you get stressed, if you are having a hard time right now just tell those around you and ask them to help you in this…you can always say…I am really moody right now and I don’t want to chew you out, could I have a little time to myself please…if they don’t respect that then take the next step by telling them…this conversation is over for now, or I will be in my room when you are ready to hear me out, or go on a walk…you are not alone…your hormones are out of whack as it is at 15…pregnancy just intensifies them even more….remember that we are here for you and that you are going through alot right now…don’t expect to make everyone happy at once..keep your focus on you and baby…I hope I helped and I am here if you need to talk or have questions..Love and Prayers..Meg


            Hey, I am 16 weeks and I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have been getting crazy raving mad over the silliest things one minute and then crying my eyes out over somebody playfully teasing me the next. My poor husband has to deal with the brunt of it 🙁 All I can say is try your hardest to control it. I go and lay down in my room or something and take a break if I feel upset. I am also not one to say I’m sorry but I am quickly learning how. As long as I acknowledge that my behavior was unnecessary my husband is very understanding. YOU ARE HALFWAY TO GETTING TO MEET YOUR LITTLE ONE!!!!

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