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      I had a abortion 3 months ago, I ask for no judgements. I love my Angel with all my heart.

      I remember being pregnant. Feeling how I felt on the first day.

      Last night I had sex with my boyfriend, he came inside me! Totally unexpected.. I just got off of my birth control, for health reasons… we weren’t using a condom,! This one day out of all the days… he came in me! When I had no sort of birth control. I may be pregnant. I’ve been feeling some lower abdoment pains similiar to when I was pregant before. I’m scared.

      Tomorrow I’m going to the doctor, just for a check up on my uterus. I’m scared to go, because if I am pregnant again my grandmother will have a heartattack. She will want me to have another abortion…

      I can’t be pregnant.

      and if I am, I cannot have another abortion. That is insane!… The first one has done enough damage to my heart. Oh God…


        i know how you feel with the boy friend out of no where. its hard! but babe u gotta keep your head up! u want ur baby if u end up being pregnant? if u do, you should not let any one i mean any one tell u what u should do with that baby’s life! when the time is right you will know! i hope u will figure out soon! with much care and support from my side! <3


          Hi there, I can totally understand why you are stressing out… but you need to try and relax ( because stress will delay your period and then you’ll end up stressing more). I’m glad you’re going to the doc for a check up, it’ll really put your mind at ease. However, I really doubt that you’ll be feeling any pregnancy symptoms so soon after intercourse ( prpobably just nerves).
          Take a test when your period is late, it’l be more accurate then. And then,please practice safe sex. Kids aren’t the only thing you get from unprotected sex.

          Best of luck to you and please keep us updated on how you’re doing.
          Evangeline xoxox


            I just want to add to what Eva said, safe sex does not just mean birth control and condoms, they are not 100% effective even when used together….true safe sex would be one man and one woman being together in a monogamous relationship, preferably marriage, committed and solid, I had HPV and because I am in a solid committed monogamous marriage it went away on its own and I have not had any signs of cancer…sadly for many they do not get as “lucky”…aids is irreversible, so is herpes and the damaged caused by other diseases going untreated for too long can render you infertile or worse…I think someone in a committed monogamous relationship like marriage can benefit from “safe sex” to prevent pregnancy but if and when that method fails they do not find themselves in crisis because they have each other and their life established together already….just wanted to throw my two cents in to clarify “safe sex”…


              1st off how old are you. Idk if im correct but, to my knowledge once your 16 your parents/gardian can’t make you have a abortion! If you were foreced you need to get out side help or prepare to move. I have to do the samething to protect my baby. there are teen pregnacy homes that will help you and the baby just sreach on google. i’ve made plan a-d of an escape plan just to save myself and my baby from a negative enviroment. Just take time out and don’t stress, they say thats the main thing that leads to misscarragies!!


                If you are preg and do not want an abortion then do not have one.
                Rember that no one can force you to have one.

                Dont be angry with your grandma for wanting you to have one. She is trying to do what she thinks is best for you. She feels you are not ready ffor a child and does not want to see you toss your life away. And if you live with her you are putting stress on her.

                My grandma was the same way but she loves my children and is very happy with what my life has become.

                No matter what your family wants you to do now they wont show anything but love for the baby when it comes.

                You should sit down and talk with your grandma. Explain how you feel and that you regret the first abortion and you dont think you could handle it mentaly.
                If you feel you are not ready for a baby you can give it up for adoption. If thats a choice for you then bring that up with her and see how she feels.

                Just rember it is your body, no matter what they say they can not force you to do anything you do not want to do. Its your choice and yours alone.


                  I didnt know anyone could force an abortion on anyone like that. I got preg when I was 15 and my mom tryed to force me to get one. She even had Drs lie to me saying I would die if I didnt get one. But they wouldnt do it unless I agreed. Most places wont do it unless they are sure that its what you want because if you feel forced and its not what you want it can mess with you for the rest of your life.

                  Mayb its diffrent from state to state

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