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      [i] hello everyone i need some help and some of you have been pregnent beore and i need some help. i had sex on my birthday which was jan.3rd. but we also had sex in dec as well. well ihvent had a normal period sincethe end of dec. so i f i’m pregnent i would be 4 months in may i had a period kinda in march it was for one night but extremly heavy. now i’m on a period but its light and thats not like me i also have been eating so much to where i feel sick. but ihavent been sick that much. my face has this certin glow to it but no matter how much acne medication i use it won’t take it away. i have also been sleeping alot more then i usally do too. and my stomace has been getting a lil pudgy and i thought it was from eating so much but when i gain weight it usally goes to my face. and my breasts have been feeling painful not sore but painful. sorry to make this so long but i really need advice and my mom thinks i’m bipolor like her. does anyone think i’m pregnent> please e-mail me or post back thank you very much byebye


        I think you might be pregnant or started up an infection. Go see a doctor soon before you waste anymore time assuming your pregnant. It could be since your young your period can be alittle abnormal not right, especially in the first 2-3 years since you’ve started your pms.


          I am a 32 Year Old mom of 3 girls. I understand this is probably scary for you at 15 year of age, but you need to get medical attention ASAP. Even if you are not pregnant, there could be something else wrong. If you were my daughter I would what you to have to best possible care. You maybe should take a pregnancy test as a starting point. Some family planning organizations give them out free. Whether the test is positive or negative, you still will need the care of a doctor. Good Luck Honey! I hope everything works out for you!


            hey, i am 16, i have never been pregnant before, but i would like to help girls through this. i have a friend that was pregnant but she had a miscarrige and she was 4 months, i helped her through it and i was hoping she would have had it but i guess god had a different plan for her, she is 16 as well. if you ever need to talk, just write and i will try to help.

            hope to hear from you,


              thanks to everyone who talked to me and gave me some advice. well now i’m starting tofeel sick when i wake up sometimes thru theday and i eat and i feel worse but i never throw up andmy stomace and breasts are growing. my older friend whos 37 thinks i am definentlypregnent. i need to get my mom to stop thinking i’m bi polor and take me to the doctors asap. once again thanks to all who replyed to my post and thanks for the help and support. 🙂


                i understand

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