I lost my son

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      Friday moring I went for an ultrasound, only to find out my sons heart stop beating. I was a couple of days from being 24 weeks. The doctors let me go home to prepare myself, i was going to have to be induced and give birth to him the next day.

      It took 10 hours altogether, on top of everything i was going through the pain meds they gave me didnt even work, i felt everything. At the end of it all I requested to see my son. I held him for an hour, he was perfect. They still dont have an explanation for why it happend, and whats worse it happend 6 days after my birthday.

      Everyday I wake up hoping it’s a dream, but I look down and my stomach is flat and it all comes rushing back to me. I am glad i have my daughter to help me through this hard time. If I didnt have her I might have killed myself.

      I will always love and miss my son.

      June 27 2010


        I’m so sorry for your loss, I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been. How are you doing?
        Are you okay? If you need to talk, you can message me okay? :unsure:


          Im sorry for your loss. Im sooo scared of loosing my baby too. I heard to stories like yours that many women lose their baby’s. IT must be hard dealing with the lose of a son or daughter. It must be hard on ur daughter as well. But remember to keep strong not just for your daughter but for you as well


            I am so sorry about your loss. I will be praying for you


              I’m so sorry to hear that I remember you telling me you were pregnant again. Ima pray for u honey


                When i read stuff like this it makes me soo angry… There’s people out there that decide to take their baby’s life away and for some people that actually want them they get taken away… I am so sorry this happened to you 🙁


                  I too lost a son. I was 19 wks. pregnant. We held him & loved him. My hubby had to literally take him from me cause I wouldn’t let the nurse have him. I went thru a very difficult time. I still do on occasion, & it’s been 3 yrs. now. I know your pain all too well. My heart goes out to you 🙁 Ask God for peace & understanding. I thought I hated Him for quite some time. But I slowly came to realize that Gunnar was watching over me from Heaven. He comes to me in my dreams & little things that happen around the house let me know he’s right here with me.

                  I will definitely keep you in my prayers. May God heal your broken heart & bring you many blessings!!!


                    i am so sorry for your loss, even tho i know words will not do anything, and you are probabl tired of saying thank you.

                    i have lost my twin daughters a year and a half ago. it hurts. it hurts really bad. there are ups and downs, i do not wanna lie to you and say that it gets easier with time, that the pain eases, cause it doesnt.

                    you just…learn to live with that pain, on some days it still seems unbearable…but…somehow you hang on.

                    if you ever want to talk, please feel free to PM me.




                      I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve lost a baby but i lost it early on in the pregnancy i was 4 weeks so everything came out on it’s own. I can’t imagine what it must of felt for you to see the baby on the ultrasound and no heartbeat and having to go through the birth. Words can’t make you feel better, i’m sure you’ll never get over it but you’ll get through it. I’ve never got over my miscarriage but have managed to get through it. x

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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