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      I think I might be pregnant again! Im on birth control and I thought I just had my period but todaya ive started spotting and so im really scared we’ve been careful we didnt want a repeat of this and I have no clue what to do I know I need to get a pregnancy test but the hard part is I havent got my license yet! If I am I want to keep it I dont want to go through the painful physical and emotional affects of an abortion ever again. I love my boyfriend we’ve been dating over a year and if we are I know we can do it I would just be scared to tell my dad since he said that if it happend again it would be way worse since he was good about it the first time sadly i’d be 8 months pregnant right now if I had kept our first baby. I dont know what to do im scared and really scared to take a pregnancy test because that would be the difference of the rest of my life.:( I need help and most of all Im going to need a job and stuff if I am and I have no clue how im going to get one im 16 with no experinse and with the economy the way it is its going to be really hard. 🙁 ahhhh!


        Take a deep breath, and relax. If your boyfriend is with you after an abortion, may I ask…how does he feel about that now? If you are pregnant….would he want to support you in carrying the baby? Breakthrough in contraception happens more times than expected. That’s what most people don’t understand. But if you’re pregnant…it’s too late to think about that now. But you shouldn’t continue to take the pills as they may harm the unborn fetus during the baby’s fragile development. To be absolutely safe as well, if you don’t want to conceive….you shouldn’t be having sex from this moment on with your boyfriend. Chances of pregnancy are high even with the best efforts. You may not be pregnant right now….your just spotting, but you could get pregnant tomorrow or the next day. Until you show up late for your period and test, you won’t know for sure. We can guess all we want, but resort to the facts. Blood test’s are extremely accurate so I wouldn’t waste time on home test.

        I will not be disrespectful towards your father, but I have a strong oppinion against what he believes he was “good about the first time.” Supporting someone in the decision to kill an innocent baby inside a mothers body will never be justified by any reasons!!!! You cannot kill, and turn your back on that go on with your life with a healthy concience. It is wrong….and I hear the sadness in your words. I pray for your healing with the loss of your first baby to abortion. You were lead to believe that abortion was the answer and then you could go back to your normal life….that wasn’t the case was it? We cannot hide from our sins. We can only acknowledge them as wrong and ask for forgivness…..but the key is to not make the same mistakes. We have to amend our lives!! If your father will not support you in giving this baby life, you can look to other family members for support. A cousin, aunt, Grandmother or older brother or sister who is living on their own. Anyone whom you may know that is supportive and loving I’m sure will offer you some assistance. Your father may be angry and yell, but just remember. You’re human and we all make mistakes. But we are entitled to compassion and forgivness….If you are concerned about your physical safety then having someone with you when you tell him may be a good idea. Tell your supportive family member or friend your fears if you have any concerning your fathers reaction and ask them to go with you. You can also call, 1800-395-HELP, for information about where you can get free testing in your area. It’s FREE and confidential and they have counseling available to help you make healthy decisions about your baby. NOT ABORTION!! Try everything possible to save this baby. Accepting life, after an abortion is a wonderful form of healing and opens up the path for you to become closer to God again where you were seperated before.

        You seem to very worried about this and scared about the consequences…..doesn’t that tell you something about the risk you’re taking with your life….an unborn baby, and your future. So many questions to be answered, so many arrangements….so much anxiety with an unplanned pregnancy as a teen. Wanting to love and have a family is not sinful…..but there is an easier way.

        If you are not pregnant may I suggest you make healthier choices in the future?
        Consider how you’re feeling this very minute, and use this as a reminder of what you truly do not want to go through until you and your boyfriend are married.

        I will pray for you. Please stay in touch and let us know how we can help.

        God bless,


          thanks i know for a fact that im never going to go through abortion ever again it was far more painful than anyone could imagine . My boyfriend and I are still together he knows how much the last time hurt me and he said he would support me in keeping it cause he never wants me to go through that again. i felt pressured the last time and panicked and so I gave in but this time if I am its going to be hard but I know I have to do the right thing for both myself and the baby.Im just really nervous because im going to take the pregnancy test on friday and I have no clue how its going to turn out im scared and just really nervous about the whole thing I know theres people I can turn to for support and most of all I really need a job but its really hard to get one right now. I just hope that either way something good comes out of this situation and I wish I would of done the right thing last time.


            Im not pregnant :)!:) I just took the test today and it says im not. So i put my nuva ring back in


              Not pregnant? You sound relieved!! I am for you as well. But I will pray for you and your decisions about your private life Mikayela. Taking the risk with having sex, protected or not…..hoping everything goes right, all behind your fathers back…..is this how you want to continue your life? Everything goes back to normal does it? For what?? For how long? Until the contraception fails, or you and he forget to use something? It could be your next cycle….or the one after that. What will change for you by then? Unless you make a concious decision to abstain from sex with your boyfriend until you and he are committed in marriage….you will live with uncertainty, fear of pregnancy because you will have to face your father, fear of pregnancy because that will mean your whole life will change…….You can not turn to abortion again because you understand the horror of that choice, so that means you would have to become a mother at a young age.

              You are accepting that uncertainty willingly by continuing as you have been. You are chosing to live in fear instead of walking a simpler life of love with your boyfriend. You and he could show respect for one another, patience and understanding with regards to desiring one another, and therefore promising a vow of abstinence until marriage because you won’t want to put one another in that same situation you were in the last time you became pregnant. If you care enough about eachother, wouldn’t you want to prevent this from happening again by a different method? The only true 100% safe and effective method? Abstinence!!

              My thoughts and prayers are with you,

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