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      ive been seeing a guy for almost a year. but we were never together as he says im a slag. anyway im now pregnant and he wants me to abort it. i dont want to abort it, i already love it. but he says he will never be with me, that ive ruined his life and by keeping it i will destroy his dreams. he says he hates me and will never forgive me. i love him so much =( but i love my baby too. what do i do?


        Hi Marshall-

        I know things seem really confusing right now and I my heart is aching for you! Often times we can feel the pressure of other people so much that we change what we know is the right decision for ourselves. Having a baby is a very joyful event and should be looked at with a feeling of joy and love for the upcoming birth of a little baby that you helped to create!! No one should look at the miracle of birth as a disappointment or path of doom. Yes, it is a different path than you might have planned, but it is not the end of the world or of your dreams. Many people take care of their children (their responsibilities) and accomplish all their dreams and aspirations with little ones at home. You see, they choose to raise their child. They chose life for the innocent child they created!

        This little baby is alive today and will be a wonderful addition in your life! Those that have been down the abortion route say, “Please don’t take the path of abortion! Do you see that turn on the path ahead? There is nothing but sorrow, grief, pain, guilt and shame around that corner. There is a feeling of loss like no mother’s heart can know and the reason that there is a turn in that road is because the ONLY way that you will ever understand it or know it is to walk it.”

        Now with that said, let me go down the road of your life a little bit. Trust me when I say that the choice of abortion is truly a tragic choice, especially as you learn about the development of your baby in the womb. You will NOT be able to get out of your head, “What did my baby go through? What did my baby look like? What stage was my baby at when I aborted him/her?” Please know that no baby could replace the beautiful baby that is aborted!! You cannot change abortion and can never get over the feelings you will encounter after having ended the life of another human being.

        All of this to say – Do NOT allow yourself to be deceived into believing that you can just go on with your life as if it were normal after abortion. The world of abortion is a world of shame and it is NOT talked about very openly. Ohhh everyone says it should be legal and it’s OK – but how many girls do you hear talking – in passing saying, “Oh yeah, I had an abortion a couple of days ago. It was a pretty simple procedure.” You might hear a girl talking about getting a piercing or a tattoo! But not an abortion. You know why? Because it is a painful, private subject of shame. Especially to those that have done it.

        There is somewhere that you go and have someone to talk with, process all of the bad stuff and plan for the future for you and your baby. If you go to this link on the internet, it will locate a nearby free and confidential center where you can go and talk all this over with someone and get the positive support you need. Just go to http://www.OptionLine.org and it will help you locate a nearby free and confidential center where you can go and get free and confidential assistance in making some decisions for the future! You could also text PREGNANT to 313131 and someone will be there to talk with you 24×7 and help you look at the possibilities for your future! They have access to resources for you like clothing, food, childcare, financial assistance, etc.

        Remember, you are the one who decides what happens to you and your baby. You are the only one that has to live with the decisions. You are responsible and mature enough to make positive decisions that you and your baby will benefit from.

        Take care of yourself! Remember, I’m only a keystroke away if you want to talk some more and I hope you will contact the links I gave above! I am behind you 100% and will be with you through all of this!! I also know that this little baby will be a blessing to your life. You will know true love when you hold your baby for the first time!



          Hi Marshall,
          I wholeheartedly support you in choosing life for your baby. NO ONE can pressure you to have an abortion, not even those closest. Here is a link that I hope is helpful: http://optionline.org/options/undecided-overview/. Every life is precious!!
          If you need someone to talk to, I’m here 🙂


            Hi Marshall,
            A good man that will stay with you will NEVER tell you to abort his baby. This is your baby that’s already growing inside of you. He can never take that away. Abortion is an incredibly dangerous situation that must be avoided. It will hurt you physically, emotionally, you will never be the same person again. You can go to your nearest Pregnancy Resource Center for help. You are in charge of your body and baby so don’t let someone tell you that you have to abort, you do not. It’s sometimes hard to see what is the right thing to do but be assured that aborting a live baby does not stop you from being pregnant. You become the mother of a dead baby. You are stronger than he tells you. You are a beautiful lady with hopes, dreams and a future with your baby. Being a mom is the most amazing experience ever. Yes, it’s always a bit scary in the beginning but there is help out there. You do not have to do this alone.
            We care about you and let us know how you are doing and how we can help!
            God Bless You!

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