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      [color=#800080] :S Hello Everyone,
      I just have some questions, I have a condition called pcos which is a disease that causes, problems with periods ect.. But my question is I havent had any regular periods but after just recently getting engaged, I’ve been throwing up stomach hurts all the time, some headaches.. and I’m very tierd all the time I have that feeling like "I cant get enough sleep feeling" some heartburn and breast tenderness, moodiness (cry really easy) . I have taken one pregnancy test and it came up negative but with my periods being outta wack I don’t know..

      I was just doing some research about the HCG I wonder if that perhaps had something to do with the results..

      Maybe not but does anyone have any insight on this?
      One last thing Im so greatful for this site! Its awesome! I’m glad its here!


        With these symptoms and your conditiion I think it can be possible that your body is giving of a negative result. When youcould be pregnant. Call an OB/GYN they can run a blood test that takes about two days and it checks for the pregnancy hormone in the blood. It is 100% accurate.


          I too recently got engaged. Stress can really throw your period out of whack, but we also found out I am pregnant on Monday. If you think the HCG is low take a home pregnancy test first thing in the morning. My friend’s OB told her that the HCG is more concentrated then.

          Good luck to you both. My fiancee are blessed and VERY excited about our baby b/c I was told it would be difficult to have children due to severe endometriosis.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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