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      I’m only 16 and very scared. I had unprotected sex in Oct.(12 wks. 4 days) with my boyfriend now I’m having all these symptoms:

      I ‘m always feeling :sick:
      light headaches / dizzines
      enlargement in the breast ( 2 cup sizes in a month)
      craving ice cream /spicey foods
      heart burn / indegestion
      bottom of my stomach has gotten very tight and pushing out
      lower back pains
      my face is breaking out
      feels like something is moving in side of me
      very moody
      gaining weight
      several trips to the bathroom

      Please help if I am I would like to tell my mom so I could start going to a doctor and I can start preparing myself for a baby.

      thanx B)


        well i havnt been pregnant but i think i might be too. but from what i read it sounds like you ARE pregnant!:) well if you find out that you are let us know! and good luck with everything!!:lol:


          it sounds like you are but the onlli way to be sure is if u tell ur mom and go get a test !


            First of all if you are pregnant i gather you would be around the 12wk mark as you say so doing a pregnancy test should give a you a clear result. I would do that and go from there. I’m glad you have already decided that you will keep the baby if you are preggo 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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