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      I am pregnant and only 16. Me and my boyfriend are really scared, and even considering abortion. I thought it would be the easy way out, but now I realize that there is NO easy way out. He told me when we first found out, about a week ago, that he wanted to keep it… but he doesn’t really ever have an opinion, he just said it because he thought that’s what I wanted to do. I could tell. So I told him later that I think we should have an abortion he was more happy to hear that. I feel kind of guilty for getting him into this, though it’s not really my fault. I just need some personal advice, rather than reading others stories, not that they haven’t helped. I am so confused about what I should be doing, I want to be a psychiatrist and I’m afraid if I have the baby neither of us will be able to accomplish our goals. Another factor is what my family is going to say, Brandon is mixed, and I know my dad wasn’t too thrilled about me even dating him, but my mom just LOVES him. But I really worry about their reactions and that of other members of my family. I have decided to tell my mom tonight, because Brandon is over here and we’ll tell her together, but I am so scared. Someone PLEASE give me some sort of advice, thanks.


        Hi I just want to give you some advise on having an abortion.Your only 16 and, I know you have your whole life ahead of you believe me I have been there but, please understand having an abortion will not make it go away you both will carry that for the rest of your life!I was 16 when I got pregnant and had an abortion and, it has ruined my life even though I had alot of goals nothing was more important than that baby and, I wish that I would of seen that back than. :unsure: !!!! Please, do not do this I know you are young and, the both of you are prolly scared of what your parents will say but, they will get over it they might be upset at first but, when that baby comes they will love it like you won’t believe.It’s better for your parents to be a little upset than for you to have to feel a part of emptyness for the rest of your life…Achieving things are great and, amazing but, nothing will be more amazing than looking at your baby for the very first time….If you ever wanna talk I’m here and would love to help you out……….. 🙂

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