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      i need to ask a question that been on my mind for a few days… ok so im alosmt 5 weeks along how do i know something is wrong with my baby, like i been gettting weird cramps.. really funny ones in my lower tummy?
      im starting to get real bad nose bleeds, i never really get them and now it is like one after the other… is this normal???

      i also getting like cold sores now which i never really get either, what could be csusing all this??

      lol what us girls gotta go through to bring a life into this world:laugh:

      least we get a really good reward:woohoo:


        i might be pregnant aswell(#2) my daughter is 8 moths old on the 18th i’ve got bad cold soars and pains in my lower tummy and legs i didnt get this with my daughter im going to actually find out soon but i think you should go ask your doctor.


          Things to start getting use to. lol.
          I recently started experiencing nose bleeds. Its normal, but you should always mention things to your doctor. Just for the safe side.


            YES!!!! What you are experiencing is very normal pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy symptoms and grief are very similar, there are many different experiences, not everyone is affected by the same ones and not everyone will even have them, I have recently been dealing with nose bleeds also and it could have to do with the weather or allergies too, you can develop allergies during pregnancy. Also the cramps and pains can be normal as well, your uterus will be something like 1000x normal size by the time baby is born, there is constant growth of baby and in early pregnancy especially with your first your uterus is adjusting, stretching and growing, making room for baby. You will also get ligament pains that feel like you just ran the mile run without a break and no water. Just as a warning you will probably end up having bad dreams about the baby having defects or dying or very sexual dreams, that is normal…it doesn’t mean something is wrong, it is just our pregnant over worked minds playing games on us, it is your maternal instinct trying to over protect baby already…I just thought I would share these things to warn and prepare you because it is scary when it happens…I hope this helps comfort you, never hesitate to ask your doctor questions and express concerns, they are used to it and will not judge you for worrying…Love Meg

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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