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      My last period was on Sept. 30th to Oct. 5th. Took Clomid on CD 5-9. They say that you will ovulate from 5-9 days after the last pill. Well I ovulated on Oct. 15. I’m now on 10 days DPO "Days Past Ovulation" I will take a HPT on Oct 29th, to see what happens but I’m really anxious to find out. I’ve been having sore breasts, lower back pain, i feel stuff in my abdomen, i go to the bathroom more than before, and i have pain in my abdomen. Can anyone help or give me info. Thank You.


        i think its a bit early to be jumping to conclusions. you have one or two symptoms but this could be anything. wait a week or two and see how things go. i was in the exact same possition as you and i got all exited but came on. just take things easy


          you sound pretty pregnant to me honey 😉

          best wishes,


            don’t get too anxious………..these couls also be signs of you period…..all girls are diff when it comes to pregnancy signs….all that happened with me was my breasts got sore…….and i kinda had to pee more… i’m around 8 1/2 wks to 12 wks and i pee so friggin much….


              Sounds like pregnancy to me. But take the test just to be sure.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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