Am I pregnant?

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      Okay I am a little confused.I’m not sure if I’m pregnant even w/ all the symptoms. I don’t have regular periods so a missed period isn’t reliable for me. I am recently seperated and when I was still with my husband I had 3 miscariages in one year. I recently found that I had a cyst on my left ovary and it ruptured on its own.My doctor then put me on birth control and and I bleed for nearly a month straight. I’m with a new guy now and we want kids and plan on getting married but not for awhile. The last week I’ve been nauseated and throwing up, extremely tired, very bloated, having heartburn, and even wearing a shirt hurts my breasts . They are so painful it has brought me to tears. Today I started light bleeding but it has stopped now. With my miscariages and every thing in the past, I’m not sure what to think. Plz I would really appreciate anyone’s help, advice, or insights.Thanx!


        Hmmm with all your symptoms i would say you’re probably preggo but take a test to make sure.The light bleeding could be the egg implanting which lasts maybe 2/3 days.
        Good Luck with it all!


          oh my god i have been going thou the same thing and atfer being sick 4 times this week i just dont no if im coming or going i had the most painfull brests and needing the loo so much. i going to by a test 2moz.
          its just so good to find some1 who is going thro this as well as i been feeling really lost


            Take a test it is better to know than to worry about it espececially if you are pregnant. All your signs andd symptoms point towards pregnancy so if you are congrats…

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