well i was in my sophmore year just getting my head togther with schooland after  school clubs and doing really. well i desided to go onto the pill to be safe. well with school taking up most of my time i had forgoten to take some of my pills afraid and scared. i thought i would just wait and see. i set a date to go to the doctor and waited for it to come.well it came fast it was right after i turned 16 and i found out i was 10weeks i didnt think i would be  and not that long i didnt feel sick. i tried to stay calm and not think about it but now i know. soon after i told my  boyfriend  he was supportive to going thro it. soon after i had too tell my mom. she was not happy at all. she said u know u have to get an abortion . i didnt want that at all i mad my mind up to go thro with it . but more and more my mother said u cant do this she told me that she would kick me out if i did this,that she would dissown me and my baby.soon after she sat me and myboyfriend down telling us that we needed to go thro wit the abortion.feeling soo alone and convused too please everyone. i decide i would go and get the abortion i was 12 weeks when i killed my baby. there isnt a day that goes by when i dont think about it and the little joy i could of had.WHEN all i need to do was stop trying to please and think about what i wanted.