I lost my virginity with a guy , then about three months later i got pregnant. He did it on purpose i supose. But also we weren't useing any means of protection besides the pulling out method which is not a smart method to use by the way. We knew i was pregnant from the moment we had sex, my boyfriend went and got in trouble with the law and got arrested and got sent to juvinile hall. Meanwhile, i waited a whole 4 weeks, just to make sure i gave it a long enough time so there wouldn't be any mistakes. I went to a drug store and stole my pregnacy test, because i had no money. And after two tests sure enough i was pregnant and 14. I was teased for being a virgin because i was the last one to hav sex out of my friends, and now i was the first to get pregnant. Funny how things work. I told my mother about a month later. she cried, and eventually made me move in with my sister because she couldn't handle it. I wasn't aloud to go to regualr school because my momther wouldn't allow it, so i went to a school full of pregnant girls. I hated it there, and i hated it at my sister because i didnt kno anyone and she moved me away from all my friends. Kyle (the fahter)got out wen i was two months pregnant. I ended up stayin with him most of the time, basicly living with him, goin back to my sister occassionally. My mother had no knowledge of this. The day i went to find out the sex of my baby, i was estatic. I found out i was havin a girl, and then the same day i found out she had a heart defect. Kyle was there for me, but we did start to argue alot, becuz he started drinkin aand partyin which he never use to do, th whole tym i was pregnant. But i had no doubt in my mind that he woundlt be a good father, and i thought i knew that we would make it and be a happy family. Then i finally told my father i was pregnant wen i was 6 months. It broke his heart i thought he would never talk to me again. But he ended up lovin her ylk everyone else. I gave birth to her a month early when i was 15, and she was beautiful. There's no word to describe it. 6 pounds, 2 oz. Looked just lyk me lol. I brought her back to kyle's, he was around all day everyday, until she was about 4 months old and wasnt new anymore. He started leavin me alone, goin out wiht is friends. And i couldn't really go anywhere because i breast fed her till she was 19 months. And he didnt lyk the fact that i wanted to stay home with her and i wouldn't take her out because the doctor said she coulnd't till she was 8 months old because she was diagnosed with genetic heart disease, and polyaslpeenia. I stopped goin over to his house all together because him and his twin brother held parties down in there basement almost everynight, so i had to leave. To shorten this story, kyle ended up bein the exact oppostire person than i thought he was. After datin him for a year and a half, he started layin his hands on me. And it got to the point where he did it everytime he got mad or we fought. He ended up bein possesive. After our two year anniversary i found out he had cheated on me with 6 different females. And two of them while i was pregnant. I found out about that last february, and i finally left him almost 2 months ago. Because he just wouldnt stop hitting me. And each tym he said he was goin to change, he only did for a day or two and went right back. It was the hardest thing i had to do, and i still love him and miss him. But im so much happier now iwhtout him. And i focused on my daughter and school in which i made srtaight A's last year. and im workin on a scholarship. Just because you've had  baby duznt mean, u give up and have to stick with the father. I'm stil doin it, i havnt dropped out and im 17 now and mydaughter will be two. Jus because uv had a baby by sum1, dont let him treat u bad, no one should ever put up with, wut i put up with. Ur a mother, so be a good role model to ur child. He the oly guy i 've had sex with, the father of my child and i was with him for three years, and i finally left him. Im datin other people, keepin my options opened, just havin friends, without anyone breathin down my neck. I'm a better mother, hel imma better everything. Im sorry to say, but It's very rare that guys change so dont waste ur tym waitin for them to.