i feel alone… i almost cant stand how alone i feel… its like my heart is broken..my closest friends just up and left the moment they found out im pregnant.. i mean some were already drifting away but it was like when they found out it was like the prefect excuse to leave, and no i feel like i have no one.. i should be happy im going to be a mom and have a beautiful baby…. but instead i sit in my room… all day… cring at night.. just feeling alone, yes i ahve my boyfriend and my family and they try to help but i just feel alone…. i dont talk to anyone anymore i dont have friends. i dont do anything because im never invited anymore and they never text or call me back…. its like no one wants to hang out it the pregnant girl… i feel like the outsider no offense but i feel like the kid that gets picked last… or that no one wants on there team…. all i do is cry at night and its just hard,..

im just soo lonely…. it feels like its breaking me down,,