if you would like to know my name is Vanessa, 19 years old, and 6 months pregnant with my first baby… theres alot of things me & my boyfriend went through before i got pregnant. we went through the good and the bad.we’ve been together for almost 2 yrs.even if he comes rom the roughest part of the neighborhood i love him as if he were the richest man in the world. to me he is everything.So when i found out i was pregnant i had mixed feelings. I was happy because i thought i couldnt have any kids,and he was also happy because he thought he couldnt get me pregnantbut with good feelings also comes with the bad. I was also scared, afraid that my parents would disapprove,but i told my mother right away.  i was glad to find out that she took the news very well and was some sory of happy for me and my boyfriend.

well the first few months of my pregnancy (1-3) were fine…i didnt get those symptoms of like throwing up, or looking for outragous food.but after those months i started getting emotional, peeing alot, then at 5 months my boobs starting getting milk ( is that normal? ) , i got sesnsitive about everything and i didnt like alot of noise or shouting.i got isolated in my room. but i still got out for walks. well anyways now for the reason i started blogging….

i need some advice on what i should do during my next few months of pregnancy…here are some of my questions.

1.is it not good to have sex at this time?
2.what is best to eat?
3.how do i avoid being so emotional?
4.what cant i eat?

well i guess those are some of my questions.i hope someone can help me through.untill my next blog.

thanks for reading