well i’m sure you guys know me by now.but if you don’t, my name is Vanessa. i have a lot of problems  but not with my pregnancy. I’ve been having a lot of stress lately & i know that’s a bad thing for my baby, but i just cant help but cry & cry about my mom. Being the only female child in a family with 4 kids is somewhat tough for me. is being emotional part of being pregnant?

i’m really close to my mom and when she’s away its really hard for me. Especially now when i’m pregnant. i can talk to her about almost everything. n fact i do tell her everything. i miss her a lot & i cry when i do miss her.i fight with her husband a lot [my stepdad] well its not really my fault either but still.  oh but i do want to write about my boyfriend. lol. we’re living together at my place. He’s basically the one to take care of me and i’m so thankful for him.He’s been so supportive.I’m glad i found him and he’s really excited to be a daddy. but with the good there are bads. i fight with him, not a lot but like couples do. i don’t know how to control my feelings, if i hear something i don’t like i would start balling my eyes out . & that’s why he gets mad at me, i know he loves me & that’s why we argue,because he’s rite. *sigh* i need some advice on how not to be so emotional.if that is possible.