Hello! I am 23 and married for almost a year.

My husband always said that whenever I get pregnant he would rather that I keep the baby. But he also said that it is my decision too and if I really would want an abortion that would be ok too.

So a couple of weeks ago I found out that I am pregnant. His reaction was: “Well, you will have the abortion and we will forget about it”. That was so horrible for me. I was not sure about what I want and I still don’t but to hear that from him was just bad.

Few days later he came home and apologized for being an ass**** and if I would like to keep the baby we could. But I would have it much easier if he would make the decision with me together and if he would be happy.

I know I can have the baby but I also know he is still not happy. I ask myself am I ready for this? How do I feel when everybody goes out but I stay at home?