17 And Pregnant.

Found out im pregnant 2 or 3 days ago, im only 4 weeks gone but really excited! The baby wasn’t planned but now ive got just to the idea, i wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Me and my family have been through a lot during the past 10 years or so, with my dad been seriously ill and my mum been in and out of hospital. so at times theres plenty of stress for the whole town! LOL

Me and my boyfriend have been together since November 09 and are engaged 🙂 we’ve been on and off for years so we know each other well. he’s been living with me and my parents since Christmas and everything’s going fine, until…

i found out i was pregnant. it came as a shock to both of us. i totally didn’t understand what was going on. so i took a hpt in the morning…. positive, wasn’t sure so went out and bought 2 more, took the 2nd one….. positive. so my boyfriend took me to the doctors and i had a blood test. I didn’t get the results from that till 2 days later. so i woke up the next day and took a 3rd hpt and guess what it said,…. positive! By this time i was getting excited about been a mummy! so i went to the docs a few days later and the blood test results came back….Positive! that’s when it hit me, i was going to be a mummy! i couldn’t believe it! 🙂 i was and still am so happy!

my parents wasn’t so thrilled tho. as you could imagine! they are wanting me to get an abortion, but i could never do that! i don’t even know how she can suggest it! but ive told her its my baby and my choice and i choose to keep my baby! 🙂

mum told me early that if i am keeping him/her then i will have to move out! so be it! im applying for jobs and ive even applied for a council house till i have money for my own home.

but my boyfriend is very supportive and i plan on finishing college and going onto level 2 of my course. having a baby is not going to get in the way of my dreams, if anything it will give me more determination to do the things i want to do. because one day i want to look into my child s eyes and see that they are proud of there mum! and i know i can be a good mum! im going to give my child everything they need/want! 

Im only 4 weeks, but love my baby already! 🙂

So If Your Young And Pregnant Believe In Yourself, You Can Do It!