Four months ago I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time. After having 2 abortions in the past year, i told myself that no matter what the situation was, i would never have another abortion. Its not as easy as people say, abortions are a terrible thing to go through, both physically and emotionally. So when i found out i was pregnant for the 3rd time, the 2nd  pregnancy with my current boyfriend, i knew i was going to keep the baby. My boyfriend always said he wanted to have a baby with me, although we both knew that this was not the best time since we are both young, we don't have a lot of money, we are still in college, and often times still depend on our parents. I knew that when my dad found out i was having a baby he would freak out and stop talking to me and cut off all financial help. And that is exactly what happened. He was paying my bills, college tuition, and giving me extra spending money, but when he found out I was pregnant… and even worse, pregnant with a black man, he cut off all that money and stopped talking to me. I am now working at a strip club because I don't know how else to make enough money to pay for school and everything else. My boyfriend and I just moved out of our nice two bed two bath apartment and into his parents house so we can save money until the baby is here. We are lucky to have the rest of our families supporting us and helping out when we need it. We just found out a couple days ago that we are having a baby girl. Eventhough life is extremely difficult right now, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I feel so blessed to be healthy and have a beautiful healthy babygirl growing inside of me. I am now 2O weeks and 4 days pregnant and our baby is due on march 27th, 2OO9. I pray everyday that everything will work out ok and my baby and I will stay healthy for the rest of the pregnancy and after she is born.