Young pregnant and scared but happy….
ok so here is my story. My name is kathryn and I am 18 and pregnant with my first I am 6 weeks and 5 days and will be due on june 21,2009. But lets take this way back before me. My mom got pregnant with me at 15 and had me when she was […]

ok so here is my story. My name is kathryn and I am 18 and pregnant with my first I am 6 weeks and 5 days and will be due on june 21,2009. But lets take this way back before me. My mom got pregnant with me at 15 and had me when she was 16. My grandparents said she was on the loose side but I dont hate her for that I hate her because I have never met my father. There's a man running out there who doesnt even know i am his daughter it makes me cry all the time. When I was 3 my mom met this man and with in a few weeks she moved us in with him. She says because I asked if he was my daddy so she married him so he would be. My grandmother didn't like this and got custody of me and my mom and step father fought over me in court. I went back and forth before finally being with my mother. When I was 5 my mom had another little girl and another one when i was 9 and another one when I was 13. My mothers husband was abusive he would hit me so hard i would bleed. My mom often incouraged it and his anger grew when my mom was pregnant with the 2nd girl he grabbed her by her neck and raised her against the wall. Some nights i could hear him get mad at my mom for saying no to sex and he would bang her head against the wall.The finally divorced after awhile but then my mom ran wild drinking and hooking up with guys. I was left to raise my 3 sisters at 13. After a few weeks of the divorce they came and got my sisters it broke my heart and i am not used to it yet and its been almost 5 years those were my babies. And i have seen them 2 times and one time my sister told me he hits them. And I don't want to call the child services because they would get splited up or go to a foster home they would get sexually abuised. And I dont know what to do about any of this.Well after a month or two or maybe a little more she met this guy and within that week we were living in his house. His ex girlfriend was living there with her new boyfriend and her son and daughter, her daughters boyfriend and a family friend and everybody was crowded as it was. After about a year living there we moved out and got our own house my mom got a job and a car. Everything was going so great I thought but it didnt last long. We moved into our new home in sep and by feb of that next year she was pregnant. I was not happy because I remember how she would lock up the middle child not feed her and leave her diaper full until I got home from school. Well she had her in the end of august and my little sis was born premature but survived. And by feb of that next year she was pregnant again this time with a boy and had him in oct. Then I became a house servant to her agai. Watching the kids,cooking,cleaning,cutting grass. I even left public school and went into homeschool so I could help more but nothing satasfied her.Then about a month before I turned 18 she got a job because she didn't have money to go buy video games. And I did become a mom i was there day and night for them kids not a thank you at all. A week before I turned 18 my friend was moving out of state and asked me did I want to go. I thought about it a whole lot. And I decided to jump at it because I didn't know when my mom was going to go crazy kick me out and I have no were to go with no job no friends. So i had the chance and I took it! I packed my things and that morning of my bday I was gone. I left in the morning because i know she would call the police and thats what she did but they said they couldnt do anything because i am 18. When I left I got a job, a car, i had already finished high school and I had been talking to a great guy for 5 years before i left my moms house and when i had a place he moved in with me. I don't regret it but then shortly I found out that I was pregnant and I am 18 I have a car and house I don't work because my bf wants me to spend all the time i can resting and doesnt mind rolling up his sleeves and working for me and his child. I miss my sisters and my brother so much my mom blocked my number and wont call me she has my number. Everybody in my family knows that I am pregnant and they are okay with it. When i left my moms house she called everyone crying about how she was gonna take care of her babies and called me selfish and some other bad words. She called my cousin and asked if she wanted to babysit and live there for free but wouldnt have money for nothing she wanted another me.People have said that I am alot like her and other negitive things but i know thats not the truth so please don't comment like that.


I just want some support some friendly words something I miss my family so much and I cant even talk to them thanks for reading.

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