I guess like all girls finding out she's pregnant while still in school and the future ahead of her is daunting….I know I'm one of those girls.

I concieved in Oct. but never realised I was pregnant till Nov….literally the week of Thanksgiving….Oh what a holiday shocker! I had not started my peroid so that was cause for concern but not that much…I mean my peroids had been alittle wierd lately so I wasn't to concerend. I got the suprising news when I wen't in for my birth control shot…..well routinly taking my pregnancy test…the results were "POSITIVE"!

No one knew what to say…least of all me…I mean…me the girl who was bound for college. I had a gorguese boyfriend a grade average….a wonderful life it seems….well things just aren't what they are when you think you do.

Well I"m pregnant…the father will be around….just us not together…he isn't ready for a baby…and he knows it…its sad because I realised…being pregnant and having children not only means your body changes but your mind and the way you start to view life.

I want everything for my baby….I may not be able to provide it all….but God knows I will try!!! Hope everything goes alright and I found out I'm having a beautiful baby boy!!