My name is Clairissa, i am 17 and i found out i was pregnant on August 23, 2009. I am 7 weeks, I have never been pregnant before and i am extreamly frightened. When i told the father he asked me to get an abortion, i told him i couldnt do that and that if he didnt want the baby then to leave me alone. He came around that night and told me that he would be there for me and the baby and that we were going to do this together. It really scares me because we have not had a great relationship this last year, we have fought constantly and im worried that were going to start arguing again, i dont want to put my baby threw that. I know im too young to have a baby and i know im going to be judged by alot of people but this is what happens and i will not punish the baby for my mistakes. I do not beleive in abortion and i could not live with myself knowing that i have a baby somewhere in the world that i gave up. I really really wish that this was not hapaning right now but i will get threw this. To all you young mothers out there i now understand what you went threw or are going threw and i just want to say i am so impressed that we can go threw with this. We are alot stronger than we think and alot of people prefer to take the easy way out, but if a 4' 11'' 17 year old high school drop out who had really REALLY bad morning sickness on her first day at work at her first job ever can get threw this, so can you. and i know alot of you dont know me but if anyone needs someone to talk to, im here. Thank you for taking the time to read this