Dear Becky,  I found out I was pregnant when I was 17. I was a Senior in high school. When I first found out I was with some friends and my  boyfriend. We had been together already for three years. Anyway, when I found out, I thought my world was over. I sat and cried on my best friend’s shoulder for about an hour.

I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to tell my parents. My boyfriend and I talked and decided that we would let it sink in before we told them. We decided three days should be enough time to make some  plans.

There was never an other option for us but to go through with  the pregnancy. I thought I would talk to one of my teachers  about it just to get an idea of how to word it for my parents.  I really wanted to make us look as responsible as possible  under the circumstances. I mean, I was on the pill and took it  religiously. So, I went to her one day and told her what was going on. She was my theater teacher.

I have always wanted to pursue acting as a career and she knew  that. She encouraged it. When I told her that I was pregnant,  however, she said that I had other options that I should consider and that if I kept it I would ruin my chances for an acting  career and that I wouldn’t be socially accepted at that school.

I know I shouldn’t have been so angry seeing that I was the one  to approach her, but I guess I was looking for more support for  my decision. Needless to say, I kept my baby and I stayed at  that school. I was still able to participate in plays at school  and was even able to be on stage while I was pregnant! I was  completely accepted at that school. A few cheerleaders scoffed  whenever i walked by, but I really didn’t care. I was fortunate  enough to have great friends and a completely supportive  family.

My boyfriend is now my husband and joined the military so that  we could have what we needed. We havve been together for seven  years and I just had my second child and am attending the local  college for my film degree. I just want every girl out there  that finds herself pregnant not to listen to the people who tell you that you won’t be able to follow your dreams because you are having a baby. That is the biggest pile of crap you could ever hear.  The only thing that will stop you is yourself. Just have  faith in yourself. Be strong and never lose sight of what you want. It does take work, but it isn’t impossible.


Hi Rosie,  My name is April and I help Becky answer emails.

Thank you so much for emailing your story.  I loved reading it.  It was so inspiring.  I am really proud of you.  Way to be a Stand Up Girl!  I am so glad that you did not give in to your theatre teacher.  Can you imagine how your life would be now if you had taken her advice?  You have a lot of reason to be proud of yourself.

It is wonderful to hear that you are so successful as a mother and a student.  In the face of adversity you have risen to the occasion and succeeded.  Your children are lucky to have a mother like you.