I hate the fact that boy’s think we dont have feeling’s.
Some people dont understand that sometimes you can joke around but not too much.
I understand that somtimes girls dont like to get there feeling’s out i am that some way i am a girl who likes too keep everything in.
I found out that it hurts even more when you do .
I dont understand why people like to jugde other’s bye what they heared i am a really good person and some people cant see that because they listen to what they hear. This go to all the females that have went thru what im going thru or going thru it never let any one get in your way Listen as your day unfolds follow what the feutare holds try to keep your head up to the sky to be asame
 to cry you gotta be bad
 you gotta be bold
 you gotta be wise
 you gotta be hard
 you gotta be tough
 you gotta be strong
 you gotta be cool
 you gotta be calm
 you gotta stay together
 all i know all i know is that love will save the day