Hi, I’m Janelle.

I’m 16, 17 in April and I’m 5 months pregnant.

It’s not an easy thing at all. My mom threw me out when she found out, I’m living with my grandparents. The father doesn’t know, he was a one time thing, my first and only. I feel ashamed to walk out in public with my belly showing. I wear sweaters two sizes too big and very loose jeans. The only

people who really know are my family. I no longer attend school, I do work from home. I only go out when I really need to.I wish i could have found this website earlier,it’s been so hard trying to deal with this alone. I have no idea what I’m going to do when this baby comes. I can’t give it up, I’m too attached. The scariest part of all this is thinking I have to do it alone.


But that’s all for now.