so, im starting to feel like my boobs are going to explode! theyre soooo swolen!!! i still havent told my parents, but i have told my siblings and a few close friends….im waiting till i stop stressing. i know im overthinking it but i want to be in the right mind-set when i tell him, and i dont want to look scared. i wanna be able to hold my head high, look into his eyes, and just tell him. we’ll see how long that takes.
      i had a dream last night!! she was a blond baby girllll!!!!! ahhhh!!! she looked just like her daddy! she was beautiful! i want her sooo bad! she’s no bigger than a flee, and i already love her with all my heart! i know my fiance will love her too, but not like i will….she’s growing inside me…and thats a feeling he’ll never know….
     im picking names at the moment.  im thinking Lilly Alice Presnell (her daddy’s last name)
eeeeee!!!! im so happy its making me need to pee!
    i also really like Cody Marie Presnell too.

i have a question…my boobs are alreadt c38…how much will they grow during pregnancy and breast feeding?