So, my boyfriend texted his friend at work (who is a mom, she is older) he calls her his second mom. She is really nice.  Anyways, he asked her if the Teen Health Center was open on weekends.. And I guess it’s not :/ So now I am hoping Jake’s work shift isn’t too bad next week so maybe he’s able to take me Monday or something.
He can’t take me today or tomorrow, which I understand. He has to work 2 jobs this week. One is 6am-2pm and then his second one is 3:30pm – 4+ hours. So he can’t really get me in anytime this week. Or sadly, not even on the weekend, because the place isn’t open. So, I am hoping for next week.
I am still going to spend Sunday with him though, becuase I told him  Iwanted to talk and that. Becuase I guess here, yu can’t get an abortion after 3 months. Well, I am 6 months. Jake and I were thinking about abortion at first. But I don’t even think I’d be able to do it, and it’s not even a choice now anyways. So I am hoping Sunday I can talk things over with him, and bring up the topic.. Like if we were to keep the baby. Becuase I really would enjoy keeping the baby.
I need to tell my mom soon, and I am hoping that talking to Jake on Sunday, and making up our decision on what to do.. That will help me talk to my mom. Then, later that week  I will be able to go to the Health Cener to get more info. Then, possibly with my mom knowing, I’ll be able to go for a doctor check up and make sure everything with me and the baby is alright. I really want Jake with my throughout all this.. I just know it is going to be hard with his new job. His new job does give him more money per hour than his last, which is good. And I am proud of him. He is actually in job with my step-dad now, for the Summer. Then, when school starts back up he’ll be moving in work with my mom.
I know my mom and peopl will help with everything with the baby. After the fact they get over what I have told them when I do.
So possibly Sunday is the day I will be telling everyone.. First, I need to talk to Jake, and make sure this is what WE want, and try to convince him that keeping the baby is for the better. I want the baby to be around it’s own parents and have a loving father.. Which I know Jake can do. He is amazing with kids, and his neaphew wh oI see a lot (:
I am hoping that the talk with Jake on Sunday will go good, and then possibly breaking it to my mom.. Either Sunday, or that week.. Depending on Jake’s schedule for work.
I just wanted to update you on that sadly Sunday I can’t get into the Teen Center, but hoping shortly after I will be able to. I think it might be easier once I tell my mom.
I mean she must know something’s up.. I haven’t had my period for 6 months, and there is a box of tampon n the bathroom that are still unopened and have remained like that for 6 months.. And my mother is very smart actually. I am hoping when I have to tell her, she won’t explode on me. I am ready for whatever she does say, I just hope it’s better than the worst.
I’ll update you on how Sunday does go, and what we do decide to do, and what happens and such. -Ashleii.