My name is Katie and actually I am not a teenage mom, but I am a mother of two toddlers. I recently was watching a show on TV and I started to realize how difficult that must be. I really don’t know how to help except to offer my friendship and support to anyone who might need it. I live in the Orlando area and I am 29 years old. After having my first baby at 26 I realized what a wonderful thing it is to have a baby- a little soul who will love you no matter what. Shortly after that when my daughter was 7m old I got pregnant again. I wasn’t ready for that and it was very hard at first. It’s only now getting easier! And I am almost 30- so I can imagine what some of the younger moms must experiance. I would like to just talk to anyone that might need another mom to talk to. Being a mom can be awfully lonely sometimes too which is something someone never told me either!