June 16th 2010 I found out i was pregnant. First i was a little happy, sad, confused all in one. I was nervous it was exactly 2weeks b4 my 20th birthday. I told my boyfriend we both came to the conclusion that neither one of us were ready to be parents. I was 6weeks 6days  So June 26th i was scheduled to get start the first part of the procedure. (it was 2parts i did the abortion pill). As i was sitting in the room talking to the doctor all i could hear was my baby saying “mommy don’t do it” or maybe it was my conscience. Either way i didnt listen to it and i swallowed the pill. I so regret doing that, i swear i wanted to get up and run out of there n keep the seed that i had in me.  The next day when i took the 2nd n final pill… that was the worst pain i had ever been in both physically and emotionally. The mere thought of flushing MY baby down the toilet hurt so much.

Its been 17 days since the procedure and i feel so low right now. This is by far the lowest i have ever felt. This is not how i planned on spinning my summer all down and depressed. And the worst part about it is that my boy friend isn’t even here to console me neither was he the day of the procedure or the next day. And that just makes it so much more worst bcuz i feel like im alone right now and i hate feeling this way. Every day i think about the decision i made and i regret it from the bottom of my heart. 6/27 my baby  went to heaven