so yesterday was the worst day of my life!my "best friend"(not speaking to any of these ppl anymore) my cousin,my sister,and my babys dad all betrayed babys dad was flirting with my cousin and my "best friend" before i found out i was pregnant i am now 5 months and i am just finding out about feels like everyone is in on everything and i have no information on my own sister of all ppl shouldve told me something but she didnt wanna ruin any of my happiness but it is my rite to noe my own buisness. i mean everyone knew about this but me.i swear as i get bigger the more ppl im losing.i never thought i would be pregnant let alone doing it on my sucks going to doctors appointments alone and having no one to share this happiness with.the only good thing about my life rite now is the fact that im going to have a child to call my own to love and to cheerish.i just wish i didnt feel so lonely all the time.